Vacancy - Head of HOPE Program



HLAF, by its Chairman, YABHG Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad had pre-launched an education project named HLAF Online Program for Education or HOPE on 30 September 2015.

HOPE aspires :-

·         to contribute to the less advantage communities and families across the world

·         raise standard of living

·         bring them out of ignorance and poverty

·         gateway to education for everyone, everywhere, anytime

 What is HOPE ?

Vision -  to be content provider giving everyone the opportunity for a world class education.

Mission - to enable learners to develop academically, personally and socially to their fullest potential, using innovative online technology.

Strategy - to incorporate strengthening of character within the content developed. Provides content that will empower students with leading-edge learning skills that build competence and confidence. Content that will cultivate advanced communication, collaboration, and leadership skills. Content designed to inspire students to excel in schools, career, and life through the use of technology.

Offer - instructional courseware, educational videos, activities and projects, practice exercises, educational resources and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

 A post is available as Head of HOPE Program. Interested, please send in your resume with latest photo to



Head of HOPE Program takes full responsibility for successful of the program based on the roadmap outlined. And ensuring that realistic program, quality, change control and risk management processes are maintained. Monitors and control resources, revenue and capital cost against the budget and timeline.


·         Develop full scale HOPE Program development team

·  Oversee development HOPE program, including initiation, project scoping, feasibility study, planning, system analyst & design, costing, control, monitoring, reporting, quality and people management. 

·    To engage and network with various collaborators (eg . companies, partner schools, partner universities etc) & monitoring conceptual obligations.

·        Ensure that realistic program, quality and risk plans are prepared and maintained. Monitors and controls team performance against plans. Maintains effective financial and project progress forecasting and reports as appropriate.

·         Monitors and controls allocated human and material resources, associated revenue costs and all capital costs against the allocated budget. Ensures that a change control procedure is in place and actively used to assess the effect of changes to the projects on costs, timescale and/or resource needs and report to HLAF Management.

·         Ensures that projects are properly monitored and where appropriate, review and lessons learned are captured and appropriate action taken. Produce appropriate documentation to support these processes.

·         Adherence to project management governance policies / SOP and deadlines.



·      Has great enthusiasm in deploying virtual education to all including the underprivileged and less fortunate.

·         Degree/Master in relevant area

·       Required at least 3-5 years of relevant experience with demonstrated skill described in the essential functions.

·         Familiar with :

o    a range of analysis, modeling and design methods;

o    current knowledge of IT standards, application and trends.

o    analysis of business processes and articulate potential changes to business processes in a lucid and cogent manner, both orally and in writing.

·         Verbal and written fluency in English is mandatory.

·       Strong skills in leadership, communication, interpersonal, documentation, analytical thinking, ability to work effectively with diverse people, innovation, risk-taking, ICT.

·       Demonstrated success as a leader at least for small complexity IT/Educational projects in particular or any other field, ( in a multi-national corporate environments, executing across multiple time zones and cultures will be an advantage)

·    An advantage if applicant had demonstrated success at managing at least small complexity projects with ability to work in a virtual team which may work across distance (remote), cultures and time zones, in a matrix with multiple reporting lines, and may extend to suppliers/providers/developer, partners and customers/users.



Entrepreneurial Ownership

·  Unrelenting commitment to drive the team and achieve business outcome of the project. Collaborates well with the team member, stays proactive to anticipate opportunities and direct activities toward project priorities, motivate the team towards project goals and objectives.

Project Management Tools/Process Knowledge

·      Automated tools to assist in the project management process, by automating mechanical tasks such as scheduling, resource balancing and time recording. Tools and techniques for risk managements and change control. Example – Microsoft Project and relevant.

Project Planning and Control Techniques

·     Methods and techniques associated with planning and monitoring progress of projects through closure/project end.  Eg – product/work breakdown structures, baselining, critical path analysis, earned value, resource analysis, conflict resolution.

Make Decisions

(Subjected to clearance for HLAF Management)


·      Judgment : Making decision at the appropriate time, analyzing the needs of the situation, priorities, constraints and at the availability of necessary information.

·     Risk Management : Organizational awareness and business acumen (good judgment and quick decision) to decide project approaches that mitigate business risk.

Build Talent

 ·         Learning Agility : Readily adapts the project to quickly respond to changes in the education field.