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Human Life Advancement Foundation Life Achievement Award


The Human Life Advancement Foundation (HLAF) is the newly established foundation active in the fields of the education, technology transfer and sustainable development in developing world. Our mission is to develop networks of organizations and individuals able and willing to contribute to the needs of society, as well as in the development of internationally competent individuals. HLAF aspires to become a reference point for creation of knowledge, innovations and technology transfer related issues in developing countries. We support the importance of awarding the researcher/research group that bring the great innovation in science and technology. 

This foundation strives to be an innovative institution responsive to needs of society for innovations, knowledge and technology by supporting fruitful interaction between firms, academia and public sector. We are delighted to announce that we are offering our third International Innovation Award to stimulate highly innovative research and supporting promising investigators who have innovated for the benefit of the society. The purpose of the award is to encourage innovation that will have a positive impact on the future of innovation in the scientific community.

Nominations are invited from outstanding researcher/research group around the world, in the field of science and technology. Nominator are welcome to nominate the researcher/research group that qualified for the Life Achievement Award 2015 funded by Human Life Advancement Foundation.


Eligibility Requirements:

  • It is open to any nationality from academic, industrial, NGO or governmental backgrounds may apply.
  • The award is intended for outstanding researcher around the world, in the field of science and technology.
  • Applicants may be submitted by individuals or by teams.
  • Team entries should clearly identify a single individual as a “Group Leaders” responsible for all submissions, organisation, communication and presentation of their team’s entry.
  • All entries must be submitted in English and must strictly adhere to the word count limitations within each section of the designated Nomination Form.
  • Entries may be submitted from academia or industry
  • The patent/publication should be either a new product or process. It should contribute towards improving the quality of life and help in employment generation and achieve economic transformation among others.
  • The general criteria applied in selecting the patent/publication would depend upon (i) novelty of the innovation or invention; (ii) technical feasibility and scalability; (iii) scale of market need and economic opportunity; (iii) potential for commercial success; (iv) intellectual property potential; (v) quality of information provided and other commercial criteria



Procedure For Application

Application can be made ONLINE
  • Sign up as member.
  • Go to “HLAF Programs” and click “Award Application




Please mail completed award nomination form along with required supporting documents to the address mentioned below before 5.00 pm, 15th June 2016 by stating "HLAF Award- your full name" on the top right of the envelope.

*Completed application forms with the required certified supporting documents listed in the application forms must be received by 15th June 2016. Late applications will not be accepted. Only shortlisted candidates will be notified for interview.

Kindly read the Award Nomination Term & Conditions and FAQs

For further enquiries, please contact us :-

P.O Box 29 Suite 1B Level 5
Menara Dato' Onn, Putra World Trade Centre
45 Jalan Tun Ismail, 50480 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

Tel : 603-2858 7075
Fax : 603-4040 0212


1.   The nominator and nominee are agreeing to be bound by these Terms and Condition. The Nominator will be deemed to have read and understood these rules and to be bound by them. These rules include any instructions set out within the Entry Form.

2.   HLAF Life Achievement Award offered annually and it is the responsibility of the entrant or nominator to ensure that their nomination and subsequent written submissions are complete. The incomplete submission will be disqualified.

3.   The Awards are open to any individual or research group that give the significant contribution in science and technology.

4.   The Nominator must make sure that the nominee agreed on the nomination. Referees may be contacted via email or phone for details crosscheck

5.    Entries will only be accepted if they are submitted with the nomination form and supporting document. Entries must be signed by the person responsible for submitting the entry and to which all correspondence concerning the Awards should be addressed.

6.    Submissions must be supplied in the format stated in the submission guideline before the date line. Entrants warrant that all information they supply is not misleading or deceptive. HLAF not responsibility for any lost, late or mislaid entry and any entry which is damaged, defaced, illegible or incomplete, or which otherwise does not comply with these terms and conditions may be deemed invalid in the sole discretion of the Award Committee.

7.   All document submitted for the nomination remain the property of HLAF on submission. No submission will be returned

8.    HLAF may exclude your entry in certain circumstances, such as, but is not limited to: Your status does not conform to the requirements or; your entry was received after the closing date for awards entries.

9.  The Award Committee reserves the right at its absolute discretion to reject any entry that it deems inappropriate.

10.  All commercially sensitive data will be held in confidence and HLAF Awards committee must agree to and sign a Confidentiality Agreement prior to commencing adjudication. PLEASE NOTE: HLAF have the right not to make an award if we believe that the standard of submissions is not sufficiently high to reach the benchmark.

11.  HLAF reserves the right to use all non-pecuniary information contained in your submission to promote the awards.

12.   By entering these awards, the nominee is agreeing to make his or her best endeavours to attend the awards ceremony. HLAF retains the right to invite another party to accept the award on the winner’s behalf if the winner is not present at the presentation. The awards presentation dinner will be held in HLAF Anual Award & Workshop (HAAW2016). The date and place will be announce later.




General Information



 The award is intended for outstanding researcher around the world, in the field of science and technology. The purpose of the award is to encourage innovation that will have a positive impact on the future of innovation in the scientific community. Applications from academic, industrial, NGO or governmental backgrounds are welcome.


HOW TO APPLY?Their impact in the field of research

Reference and coordinates of the institution the candidate is employed by.

Together with the nomination form, please submit a signed cover letter with: your name, full contact details, curriculum vitae and list of publications (submitted, accepted and published). In addition, please indicate where you learned about the HLAF Innovation Award.



The research proposals will be evaluated by a scientific panel drawn from HLAF Awards Evaluation Committee. The final decision will be taken by the Board of Trustees based on the recommendations of the HLAF Awards Evaluation Committee. Decisions of the HLAF Awards Evaluation Committee will be communicated to the applicants and are not subject to further exchange of views.



Deadline for submission of the nomination is set on 15th June 2016.

The recipient of the award will be announced at the HLAF Anual Award & Workshop (HAAW2016)  to which he/she will also be invited to attend.

For other information not covered in this FAQ section, please email


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